Rental Unitech PA700

Our NOVASTOCK rental service has many rental alternatives without software or with stocktaking management specific programs.


Let us invite you to discover our new Unitech PA700 terminal: a high technology lector for a new step to the future.


PA700 uses OS platform with the exponential growth on the mobile market. This lector has been created in order to answer to our customers very specific needs but also for the applications that require a professional and efficient device.


PA700 takes you to a new visual experience thanks to developed technological progresses of 312ppi/pixel, which ensure a higher definition than the capacity of the human retina.


But PA700 is not only a beautiful device. It has been created to offer to its users a larger ife cycle of use.


With a proportinal rugged IP65 and high resistance to drops to concrete from 1,2m making it a complete industrial equipement, avoiding any loss of comfort for the user thanks to its lightweight and its perfect dimensions which make it a true champion in its category.


PA700 is the optimum mobile tool that can increase your data management capacity but also your efficiency during mobile operations, no matter the place and the situation where it is used.


Main features:

  • All-in-one powerful device, combined smartphone and tablet solutions
  • Easy configuration and integration. Android 4.1.1, certified TeamViewer & Unitech 12 Manage (MDM)
  • Mobile solutions for any type of mobile worker GDM, 375g, WIFI, GPS & WLAN
  • Spread your activity applications. Option in 1D or 2D with a RFID lector and a 5mp camera.


This lector will be very useful for your stocktaking or your access control. it is easy to manipulate and fast.


To get more information, feel free to contact us.

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