Rental Other types of materials

We propose you our rented material with or without support of our technicians.

1.   Barcode Laser Scanners

  • We have various makes and models
  • Main characteristics :

       - Capture any type of barcode, also 2D datamatrix
       - Data transmission by cable / infrared / wifi / mobile phone
       - Error control during capture
       - Integration of databases in the barcode laser scanners (up to 8 MB​​)
       - Automatic data backup

2.     Other equipment

  • Laptop computers with or without inventory software
  • Thermal printer
  • Consumables (labels, batches ...)

3.    Additional Services

  • Transport and logistics support
  • Programming equipment for your SEO
  • On-line assistance during your operations
  • Technical support during the inventory
  • Data processing and integration into your system

For more information, please contact us.
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Stocktaking partnership, what is it?

Stocktaing managed in partnership with your store or warehouse teams.

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Why rent equipment for stocktaking?

If you wish to manage your stocktaking yourself, cut your costs, complete and optimize your stock of scanners and benefit from reliable and efficient equipment .

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