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Who are we ?

Presentation and History

  • Novastock has 18 years of experience in outsourcing inventory
  • Independent company, closely oriented to its customers
  • Specialist of precision Inventory: realization and data processing
  • A multicultural origin, an European dimension : headquarters in Lille, Barcelona, Geneva and Mouscron
  • Regional offices: Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Toulouse, Nantes, Madrid, Málaga, Milan, Brussels and Lausanne.
  • Interventions across all Europe

Realization of over 3800 inventories in 2015

  • 71% of our inventories are carried out in Northern Europe,
  • The remaining 29% ​​are achieved in Southern Europe.

Distribution of operations in 2015

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Novastock key figures

Novastock :
  • 3800 inventories per year
  • 4 European headquarters (Lille, Barcelona, Geneva and Mouscron)
  • 12 regional offices (Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Toulouse, Nantes, Madrid, Málaga, Milan, Lausanne and Brussels)
  • Interventions in all Europe
  • Over 100 brands and 30 industrial partners renew their confidence each year

Our values: who we are

Our service business is intrinsically linked to our belief in people. We share the idea that «Man is the only true source of wealth». Jean Bodin


T – TEAM : teamwork is fundamental to our projects. We continue to build on our success by working side by side with our customers, suppliers and partners.


R – RESPONSIBILITY : everyone in the company is responsible for its results and for quality assurance.


I INNOVATION : we expect and encourage a spirit of innovation and an ability to innovate to offer more value to our customers and to ensure our future.


P – PROGRESS : our company evolves thanks to the individual progress of each of its teams. We place importance on the professional development of our employees which is key to growth and gives meaning to our project.


S – SATISFACTION : customer SERVICE founded on the engagement, trust, openness and enthusiasm of our employees.

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