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Inventory solutions

Your needs?

1- The outsourcing of your inventories, to answer which needs ?

  • Inventory in moved schedule, avoid the closure of your store and / or your warehouse
  • Relieve the loads of the headquarter
  • Bring a methodology adaptable to your needs to help you to control your unknown mark-down
  • Refocus your teams on their job
  • Guarantee the reliability and the objectivity of the datas collected


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2- The rent of our material, to answer which needs?

  • Relieve the loads of the headquarter
  • Realize inventories with your team
  • Complete and optimize the pool of scanners
  • Adapt the number of available bar code readers to your team and your stock
  • Realize inventories with suport
  • Benefit from our reliable and specialized software and from quality materials
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Stocktaking partnership, what is it?

Stocktaing managed in partnership with your store or warehouse teams.

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Why rent equipment for stocktaking?

If you wish to manage your stocktaking yourself, cut your costs, complete and optimize your stock of scanners and benefit from reliable and efficient equipment .

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