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Find your shrink rate

What is shrink ?

Known shrinkage represents the goods that are no longer in stock for known reasons and recorded in the shrink book.This maybe for example due to breakage during handling, which is then reported to the manager.

Unknown shrink is a percentage of store or warehouse sales which corresponds with the value of stock stolen or lost..
Shrinkage often comes from customers, employees, suppliers.

In 2010, the average shrink percentage in the hexagon was 1.36%.

According to the Retail Research Center in 2009, theft has cost 4.9 billion euros to France. But theft represents only one third of the total shrink.

It is therefore important to know the origin of the shrink in order to manage it and find a solution.

Novastock will be your partner to objectively measure and analyze shrink and find a solution.

How can you fight against shrink ?

  • Maintain its security equipment (tags, locks ...)
  • Increase the presence of vendors and possibly vigils in strategic locations to monitor the point of sale.
  • Sensibilze your staff about shrink.
  • Train your staff in managing and tracking theft.
  • Carry out quality, physical inventories.
Our Novastock Solutions to manage your shrink.

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