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Dates and Inventory Frequency


  • Partial inventory : This is a verification of stocks that consist of a physical inventory by sector or family (warehouse, store or factory ...) and an update of the samples checked. (find your inventory shortage/shrink) (link to locate your shrink)
  • Detailed inventory : : This is the global audit of a site. A physical inventory is necessary to know the stocks or to compare the real stock with the theoretical stock and thus identify discrepancies.

Legal obligations ?

Companies have an obligation to carry out an inventory once every 12 months, to control the existence and value of assets and liabilities in their heritage.     
(Code du Commerce art. L. 123-12). You are obliged to :
  • ensure the existence of stocks
  • ensure ownership of stocks (if all products owned)
  • detect the quality and degree of stock rotation.

From a fiscal perspective, the company must justify the reliability of its assessment at the end of the financial year.

The Commercial Code does not require companies to do a complete physical inventory at the date of closing accounts. 

If and only if the company has no system of continuous updating of inventory data, the inventory should be done at the closing date. (a few days before or after).
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