Rental Datalogic Memor

Novastock rental solutions enable you to rent our barcode laser scanners without the software.

We recommend the Datalogic Memor terminal :
It's the ideal data collection solution for large distribution and SME.
  • Compact.
  • Advanced technology.
  • Ergonomic, lightweight and robust.
  • Management of warehouses operations, inventory, storage…
  • Memory capable of storing applications and collected data.
  • An intuitive keyboard similar to that of a mobile telephone enabling quick data capture.
This simple and efficient barcode laser scanner will accompany you during all your inventories.

We propose rentals : barcode laser scanner / weekly
*The price of our rentals are fixed according to the period of the year

For more information on the equipment rental, please contact us.
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Stocktaking partnership, what is it?

Stocktaing managed in partnership with your store or warehouse teams.

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Why rent equipment for stocktaking?

If you wish to manage your stocktaking yourself, cut your costs, complete and optimize your stock of scanners and benefit from reliable and efficient equipment .

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