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Fixed asset inventory

An inventory of fixed assets is used to identify accurately the assets condition, to standardize information and to process data uniformly. In some cases it can also be used to define or reconsider existing process for an unvarying management of your assets.

Current legislation encourages this practice in order to present financial statements that reflect the physical reality.


The outsourcing process from the setting up to the results :

  • Assets identification by type(s), family(s), cost(s) centre and location(s).
  • Control of the capital assets which are already codified  and creation  of capital assets present but not set up in the current file. Regardless your software solution (if existing) this step will be carried out in the respect of the expected format.
  • Labeling with bar codes of the items that are/are not codified: specific labeling considering the good type and its use rate.
  • Creation of a customized database of existing assets.
  • Identification of new goods and addition to the database (creation of category(s) or family(s) if necessary).
  • Account reconciliation: if the result does not match your accounting records, your received invoices or any other accounting treatment, our collaborators, chartered accountant and auditors, will enter the process.


Depending on the geographical breakdown and on the theoretical number of your assets, one of more teams of two NOVASTOCK technicians will carry out the detection of the items, the codification, the labeling and the input into the inventory database.


  • Analysis of the existing file (accounting or other)
  • Definition of the inventory scope
  • Creation of goods tree structure
  • Definition of information to be checked or collected for each family, subfamily or product


  • Technicians have access to the delimited area (defined beforehand in the specifications).
  • A technician scans the label of the area that identifies the location. The goods which are going to be inventoried are identified.
  • Once identified, the technician proceeds to their labelling and their codification.
  • Then the second technician enters the inscription of the item with a bar code reader by connecting its description and its location to the assigned code.
  • These steps are repeated throughout the inventory, department after department and building after building. The schedule and the intervention area will be approved jointly with you during the writing of the specifications (other options will also be suggested in order that our intervention has the less impact on the everyday activity of your organization).
  • When all items have been tagged and inventoried, we proceed to the scanning of the area label to close the location.

The service includes:

  • A project manager: your contact person.
  • Technical specifications: your approval will precede the start of the physical inventory.
  • Human resources that are adapted to the size of your project: experienced and dedicated teams.
  • Technological resources:
    - bar code readers, laptops, touchscreen tablets, ...
    - our own software set up and customized according to your environment,
    - printers and supplies,
    - specific labels with high resistance or any other labeling and marking solution.
  • One or more in situ management boards to follow the progress of the project and manage jointly the potential modifications to be carried out.
  • In option:
    - definition of a precise methodology to make the intervention durable.
    - secondment of a software solution to facilitate the everyday processing and monitoring.

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